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About GEMS project

Gender Education in Medicine for Switzerland is a collaborative project between several medical and nursing universities across Switzerland.

The project aims at providing a web platform to share teaching materials related to sex and gender, in order to promote their integration into the academic curriculum of students. The platform hosts teaching materials generously provided by teachers and researchers from the partner institutions.

This project contributes to the strengthening of social justice and the transformation of detrimental gender stereotypes and gender norms. Through this synergistic approach, the quality of education will be enhanced, and, ultimately, patients will benefit from a better quality of care.

The GEMS platform is part of the project “Sex and Gender integration in the Swiss Medical Curriculum” funded by swissuniversities (P-7 call 2021-2024: Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities in university development). 

Specifications and functioning of the platform

The teaching-related material is available through the SWITCH edu-ID login.
It is accessible to those affiliated with a Swiss institution of higher education or by special request.
All material is licensed by the copyright of the owner university or, failing that, by the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License and is thus protected.
Teaching ressources are restricted to people with a teaching load.
If you remix, adapt, or build upon this material, you have to give credit to the author(s) and license the modified material under identical terms.
Only noncommercial uses of this work are permitted.

All those interested in contributing to the platform may contact the moderator of their university of affiliation (see Contact) who will accompany them in the procedure. The steps are the signature of an autorship contract and the classification of the course materials for their online publication. The authors can at any time decide to withdraw their material by a written request to the moderator or to

Anyone interested in sharing course materials must sign the autorship contract.

Partner institutions

ETH Zurich
Università della Svizzera italiana
University of Applied Sciences and Arts of Southern Switzerland (SUPSI)
University of Basel
University of Bern
University of Fribourg
University of Geneva
University of Luzern
University of Neuchâtel
University of St. Gallen
University of Zürich

Project background

The dimensions of sex and gender need be taken into account and integrated into the training of medical students, as specified in the federal learning objectives PROFILES, which are common to all medical curricula of Swiss universities.

Given the magnitude of the task and the uneven and sometimes limited resources of each partner university, it was meaningful to pool the resources, efforts, and strategies of the different institutions. From the beginning, the project was realized through a collaboration between medical schools and one nursing school, in order to allow the integration of the sex and gender dimensions in the most transversal way possible.

The collaboration resulted in the Sex and Gender integration project (S&G Integration), which enabled the creation of this platform thanks to the financial support of swissuniversities.

Focus of the S&G integration project

  • Creation of a platform to host and share teaching resources: GEMS-platform.
  • Development of a core curriculum to share a common vision and structure the content for the integration of sex and gender dimensions into medical education in Switzerland.
  • Involvement of a range of stakeholders (deanery, faculty, students) to promote support and sustainability of the project in each institution.
  • Communication activities: newsletters, press releases, scientific publications, conferences, interviews.
  • Steering and monitoring of activities.

Stay informed of the project's progress: 
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