Swiss Gender Health Network (SGHN)

Work will begin to make the existence of the network official!

SGHN brings together over 100 members from universities and hospitals throughout Switzerland.

It was revitalised in 2019 in order to promote sex and gender dimensions in health. Two meetings are organised each year which focus on sex and gender in clinical, teaching and research. 

The result of the vote is in! A majority of the members are in favour of making the network official. This involves drafting statutes, organizing a constituent general meeting, electing a committee, defining membership fees, electing accounts reviewer, ... 

If you wish to contribute to the definition of the network's statutes, let us know.  A meeting will be organised at the beginning of 2023.

Next meeting of the network, June 2023
Volunteers are needed to organise it! 

If you want to be added to the members list contact here.

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