September 10, 2024: Closing event of the S&G integration project

A one-day event on sex and gender issues in medical education in Switzerland

Project support from swissuniversities in the context of program P-7 "Diversity, inclusion and equal opportunities (equity) in the development of higher education institutions" will end in December 2024. This is the perfect opportunity to organize a joint event for three projects* dealing with the integration of sex and gender in medical education in Switzerland.

The morning will focus on the results of the three projects and discuss future objectives and perspectives with key stakeholders.
The afternoon will be devoted to practical pedagogical considerations and support for sex and gender teaching.

A wide audience is expected: healthcare professionals, medical educators, stakeholders and decision-makers, university representatives, medical and healthcare societies, students, researchers, politicians, media, etc.

The program is currently being drafted and will be announced as soon as possible.

Date: September 10, 2024

Venue: University of Lucerne

Schedule: 9.30 a.m.-4.30 p.m.

Note that at the end of the day, the conference will be followed by the Constituent Assembly of the Swiss gender health network


*The three projects are:

  1. N.16.Sex and Gender integration in the Swiss medical curriculum
  2. N.19. Gender Health and Medicine (Luzern)
  3. N.21.Sex and gender integration in the bachelor curricula of nursing, physiotherapy, and occupational therapy.

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